How do you conduct quality control?

How do you conduct quality control?

How do you conduct quality control?

Strict Process Control


The control of raw materials purchase

►Properties for raw materials: technical department set the properties requirements for needed raw materials by correlated standards.

►Selection and assessment of Suppliers: production department selects the raw material suppliers by the properties set ahead from the directory of qualified suppliers. Any new suppliers must be evaluated and assessed and thus approved if qualified. All suppliers must undergo a regular inspection.

►Stocking for production: pick test shall be executed on every batch of raw materials by quality inspectors. If passed, then accepted and stored along with qualified certificates and inspection report. Thereafter, raw materials can be applied from warehouse for processing.


The control of processing and manufacturing

►Documents for processing: overall documents and formalities including manual books and processing requirements and so on shall be drawn up and carried out. There should be guidance documents for every type of product and for each equipment.

►Personnel training: basic operation skills shall be taught to new workers who could only take the job when they pass the training. For skillful workers, regular training is a needed to improve their operating techniques and quality awareness.

►Processing supervision: process parameters shall be supervised every two hours in the course of production so as to ensure a stable processing and a prompt adjustment if any question occurs.

►Equipments maintenance: regular maintenance shall be carried out by the maintenance plan for every type of equipment in accordance with its features. Everyday inspection of the equipment shall be taken in the course of production, and questions occurred should be dealt with promptly. Records of maintenance and repair of equipments shall be documented into the equipment files.


The control of inspection

►Raw materials inspection: inspections are made to every batch of raw materials, including their package, appearance, quantity, quality certificate and testing report as well as major property specifications. Only when the inspection passed, could the raw materials be accepted and stored.

►Products inspection: Quality inspectors carry out pick tests on the products by inspection standards and requirements and fill in the Report for Storage. Warehouse keeper accepts and stores the products on receiving a correct Report for Storage. All inspections and related specifications required are taken strictly by the national standards.