How To Distinguish Woven Wire Mesh And Sintered Wire Mesh?
What is woven wire mesh?
Woven wire mesh is typically woven with wires running in two vertical directions - warp & shute, and are manufactured in rolls. The wires running the full length are called "warp" wires while those running across the width are called "weft", "fill" or "shute" wires. See the picture you will find the four frequently-used weave styles. Sometimes depending on our customers' special requirements, bespoke type will be available. 

What is Sintered wire mesh 
Sintering is a thermal process that fuses tangent metal surfaces without the additional filler metals or bonding agents.Fine woven wire filter mesh provides micron-rated pore size but it is too thin to be damaged. The best solution is to laminate the fine mesh to a coarser mesh supportive layer to provide strength and thickness. The common sintered wire mesh laminates is 5-layer, which is extensively used in filtration.

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