Why Sintered Mesh filters are recommended for various application media?

Sintered mesh filters fabricated offer benefits over corresponding stainless steel filters. Sintered mesh is rigid that make it self-supporting and easy to cast in shape or configuration. The filter mesh comprises of small compressed spheres, developing a cleanable, depth-kind filter. Various filtering ratios are attained by altering the diameter of tiny spheres of metal. Sintered metal wire mesh filters hold less dirt than paper or steel filters however can withstand higher temperatures than paper and stainless steel.
Durable sintered mesh is fit to capture the particles for wide range from 1 microns- 300 microns. Woven wire mesh is made in weaves to fit in the various filtration applications. It is used as air intake screen and cover to secure the jet engine air intakes of fighters in storage systems.
Another type of filter in which sintered mesh used is coalesce filter to eliminate the airborne liquids like water vapour and oil mists.
We offer a large range of custom made mesh screens for filtration of air, fluids, lubricants, oils, fuels, water and steam.

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