What factors will affect the flatness of the punching sieve?
1, related to the material. The degree of deformation of different materials after stamping is different. Among them, the degree of deformation of the stainless steel plate is large and difficult to level. This is because the steel of stainless steel has a certain degree of toughness, so it is difficult to achieve the same flatness as before without the punching.
2. It is related to the aperture and the hole pitch. The smaller the hole, the denser the hole pitch and the worse the flatness.
3. It is related to the left edge of the board. The greater the margin, the worse the flatness is, especially the larger the opening ratio, the larger the aperture, and the larger the surrounding side, especially the leveling. Even if the level is leveled, the punching net will be deformed again due to transportation loading and unloading.

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