What's the Woven Mesh Stainless Steel Cone Filter?

Woven Mesh Stainless Steel Cone Filter

Woven Mesh Stainless Steel Cone Filter Product Introduction:

Cone filter, also known as temporary filters, as the name suggests its shape vertebrae, belonging pipeline coarse filter series. Its simple form, removal of impurities in medium pipeline makes the device work properly and functioning, to achieve a stable process, ensure safe production. The principle of fluid into the cartridge, its impurities are blocked, and clean fluid flow outlet, when you need cleaning, simply remove the cone filter cartridge can be loaded after cleaning.




Woven Mesh Stainless Steel Cone Filter Features:


 The main drive for pipelines before installation between two flanges in the pipeline, equipment, simple, reliable, convenient and widely applicable. Conical bottom tip cone filter into the filter cone filter peaceful end.


Polymer ,water treatment, oil, pharmaceutical ,food and beverage, chemical, synthetic filtration ,and medium filtration such as high temperature.

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