What's a polymer leaf disc filter ?

What's a polymer leaf disc filter ?

Polymer Leaf Disc Filter

The polymer leaf disc filters is made of sintered metal wire mesh laminates or sintered metal non-woven fiber felt medium.

Stainless Steel Mesh Pharmaceutical Filter Disc Product Image:

Sintered-stainless-steel-fiber-felt-leaf-disc.jpgfilter plate



Material & Micron rate & Construction

Standard material is stainless steel 316L, the other alloys can be required.

The micron rate is from 60microns up to 5microns absolute.

Standard hub are hard, soft, and semi-hard, our advanced construction/welding methods, result in excellent corrosion resistance.

Sany polymer leaf disc filter feature

High viscosity and large flow

Good cleaning performance

Long service life

Sany polymer leaf disc filter application


Mainly used for biaxially oriented film(BOPET,BOPP,BOPA,BOPI) and battery separate film production.