Metal Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridge

Metal Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridge

Metal sintered mesh filter features high filtration accuracy, precision range 1~300um, stable penetration, effective removal of suspended solids and particles, high strength, good effect, strong corrosion resistance, accurate filtration accuracy, good heat resistance, easy Cleaning, wide range of uses.

Metal sintered mesh filter main use:

1) used as a dispersion cooling material in a high temperature environment;

2) for gas distribution, liquidized bed orifice material;

3) For high-precision, high-reliability high-temperature filter materials;

4) For high pressure backwash oil filters.

Metal sintered mesh filter application range

High-pressure medium filtration; oil-field oil sand separation; machinery, ship, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic starter oil; process filtration of chemical equipment for chemical industry; high-temperature gas dust removal; food filtration; medical filtration;

Specific example

1. Precision filtration of various hydraulic oils in the machinery industry;

2. Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in the chemical fiber film industry;

3. Filtration of various high temperature and corrosive liquids in the petrochemical industry;

4. Filtration of materials in the pharmaceutical industry, washing and drying.