Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
Sintered Non-woven Stainless Steel Fiber Felt
US $55-60
Sintered Fiber Felt
1 piece

Item specifics

100% Stainless Steel 316L
High viscosity liquid and gas filtration
Filtration Rate
High dirt holding capacity
OEM Serive



Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt introduction

Sany stainless steel sintered metal fiber felt is made of extremely fine steel fiber (micron grade) by sintering in high temperature after special non-woven matching and laying with the pore gradient formed by layers of different pore sizes.The stainless steel sintered fiber felt product can achieve higher rating and larger holding capacity,and larger filter area,and can keep the filtering working continuously.

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt structure

There are two types of Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt, the conventional sintered fiber felt and the sintered fiber felt with protective mesh. The second type is added a layer of wire mesh(it may be on a side or on the interlayer ) on the conventional sintered fiber felt, or a layer of wire mesh on each side.Then sintering together forms a high strength sintered fiber felt.


Sany conventional sintered non-woven fiber felt

Sany sintered fiber felt with protective mesh

Sany sintered fiber felt with a intercalary support mesh

Sany sintered fiber felt with double protective mesh structure

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt process

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt technical parameters


1.Detection filter precision and dirt holding capacity according to GB/T18853-2002;

2.Detection bubble point pressure according to GB/T5249;

3.Detection air permeability according to GB/T5453, pressure difference is 200Pa, medium is air;

4.Detection breaking tenacity according to GB/T228;

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt Character

1.High dirt holding capacity, high filtering accuracy, long replacement period;

2.High porosity ,excellent permeability,low pressure drop and large flow.

3.Corrosion and high temperature resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent,pharmaceutical etc. Resistance , can be used under 480℃ for long time.

4.Easy to be processed and welded.

5.Special specifications are on request.

Compare with other filtering media

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt can overcome the disadvantages of easy to be blocked and damaged of stainless steel mesh, and the disadvantages of fragile and low flow rate of sintered stainless steel powder filter,and has the advantages of resistant to high temperature and high pressure, of which normal filter paper and glass fiber cant compare with.

Sany sintered non-woven fiber felt application

Polymer filtration, Petrochemical, High temperature gas dedusting, Oil refining process filtration,Adhesive filtration, Pre-filtration of ultrafilter, Vacuum pump protection filter, Filter membrane support body, Catalyst carrier, Automobile airbag, Aircraft ship and other fuel filtration,Hydraulic system filtration,etc.