Sintered Metal Mesh Filter Disc

4 Products
  • Polymer Leaf Disc Filter

    Mainly used for biaxially oriented film(BOPET,BOPP,BOPA,BOPI) and battery separate film production.

    US $360-380 / piece

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Chromatographic Column Filter Disc

    The filter disc plays an important role in supporting the fine particles and the smooth passage of liquid materials.

    US $116-120 / piece

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • BDO Chemical Industry Filter Disc

    Sany BDO filter disc used as the filter media of Pall ZEF element for BDO and TDI applications.

    US $2285-2300 / piece

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Pharmaceutical Filter Disc

    Pharmaceutical filter disc is an ideal filter element for filtering & cleaning & drying(simply for three in one).

    US $585-600 / piece

    Min. Order: 1piece