Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter

Group Sintered Stainless Steel Powder
PriceUS $192-200 / piece
Min. Order 5 piece
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Update Time 2020-05-21
Item specifics
MaterialStainless Steel Powder
ApplicationIndustrial Filtration
FeatureHigh Filtration Precision
ShapeCartridge/Disc or On Request
Standard Thickness2.5-3mm
OEM ServiceAccepted
Brand NameSany
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Sany Sintered Stainless Steel Powder Filter introduction

The metal microporous filtration material is made of irregular stainless steel powder processing ,formed by isostatic pressing, molding, extrusion molding. It has good permeability filtration performance and high filtration precision, and a certain strength and toughness, can be used under the high temperature of 300 ℃. 


 Sany sintered stainless steel powder filter technical parameters



 Sany Sintered Stainless Steel Powder Filter


 304 or 316L Stainless steel powder.

 Micron Rate

 From 0.2um to 65um, optional.

 Max aperture


 Air permeability



   0.8'' 1.2''  1.4''  1.6''  2''  2.4''  (1''=25mm)

 Max length

 40''  (1''=25mm)

 Wall thickness



 Tubular, Plate, Sheet, Rod, Disc, Ring, Cone etc.

 Max temperature


 Max pressure


 Working condition

 Acid, Hydrogen, Vapour, Hydrogen sulphide, Gas

Sany sintered stainless steel powder filter application

It is mainly applied in the basic industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, as the filter material, porous electrode materials, sound-absorbing materials, damping materials, divergent cooling material, catalyst and catalytic materials, antifreeze and cushioning material.