Why do alumina dust collectors use metal filter bags?

FOREWORDCountries in the 21st century are paying moreand more attention to environmental issues. With the advancement of science inthe world today, people's awareness of environmental protection has increased,and the concept of environmental governance has shifted from end governance tosource governance. In the industrial production of chemical industry, petroleumindustry, metallurgy industry, electric power industry and other industrialproduction, high-temperature dust-containing gas, such as chemical synthesisraw material gas, furnace kiln gas, reactor scorch and coal combustionhigh-temperature flue gas, All of these high-temperature dust-containing gasesneed to be dust-removed and gas-solid separated at high temperatures. Finally,it guarantees high efficiency, low energy consumption, and reduced emissionsfor industrial development, achieving energy saving, environmental protection,and reducing dust and equipment wear. IntroductionThe traditional high-temperature dust removalmethod is to process high-temperature gas into a non-metal filter bag afterbeing processed by a cooling system. The gas temperature needs to be loweredbelow 200 ° C to reach the temperature range that the filter bag can withstand.Solid particles in the gas are removed and finally discharged.The advantages are:lower cost.Disadvantages are:low temperature resistance, waste of thermal energy, long filter processingtime, low efficiency, easy to burn bags in high temperature processing, andhigh frequency of filter bag replacement. (Usually need to be replaced everytwo years)The high-temperature dust-removing metalfilter bag produced by our company is made of stainless steel sintered felt,which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional filter bags, such as hightemperature resistance, difficult regeneration, low strength, and poor wearresistance. The stainless steel fiber sintered felt is made of extremely finestainless steel fibers (accurate to the diameter in micrometers), woven andlaminated, and sintered at high temperature. The finished felt has a poregradient formed by different pore layers, which can be controlled to obtainextremely high filtration accuracy and greater dirt holding capacity. It hasthe characteristics of three-dimensional pore shape, porous structure, highporosity, and uniform pore size distribution.The company's high-temperature dust removalmetal filter bags have been applied to nearly 20 industries in China: Shandongalumina enterprises, Shanxi calcium carbide enterprises, Inner Mongolia coalenterprises, Henan chemical enterprises, Shaanxi cement enterprises, Guangxipower plant enterprises, Yunnan natural gas enterprises, etc. Our company is the draftingunit of the Chinese national standard for this material. The standard number is"Stainless Steel Fiber Sintered Felt" GB / T20100-2016, and it hasmore than ten related dust removal patents. Product Image:Stainless steel fibersintered felt   The rawmaterials for making high-temperature dust collectors have the followingadvantages: 1. Large dirt holding capacity, high filtration accuracy, anduniform and stable porosity. 2. High temperature and corrosion resistance,acid, alkali, organic solvent, medicine and other corrosion resistance, can beused in a long-term environment at 450 ℃. 3. Easy processing, forming and welding.Product relatedtechnical parameters can refer to the following standards:1. The production ofsintered felt is performed in accordance with GB / T20100-2016 stainless steelfiber sintered felt.2. Filtrationaccuracy and determination of dirt holding capacity shall be determined inaccordance with GB / T18853-2002.3. The measurement ofbubble point pressure shall be carried out according to the regulations in GB /T5249.4. The airpermeability shall be measured according to the regulations in GB / T5453, thepressure difference shall be 200pa, and the medium shall be air.5. The determinationof the breaking strength shall be carried out according to the regulations inGB / T228. Stainless steelsintered felt high temperature dust collector   Thesignificant advantages of the product are: 1. The gas is directly filtered andthe process is simple. 2. Good air permeability, uniform and stable accuracy.3. Good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, convenientinstallation, high efficiency and long service life. 4. Easy can be made ofother special materials, such as Hastelloy, nickel mesh, 310S, etc. The stainless steel metal filter bag is madeof micron-grade stainless steel metal fiber as a raw material and is laid by anon-woven laying process. It is made of mixed stainless steel metal fibers withdifferent wire diameters. This material has excellent temperature resistance,chemical resistance, Low running resistance and long service life. After hightemperature vacuum sintering and calender treatment, its surface is madeSmooth, because of the gradient structure of fibers with different wirediameters, it makes surface filtration on the filtering surface, which helpsprevent fine dust from penetrating into the deep layer of the filter material,and further optimizes the ash cleaning performance of the filter material.Product technicaladvantages-"surface filter structure" as shown below                       "Surface Filter Structure"StructureThrough the reasonable combination ofstainless steel fibers with different diameter, the product has a clearcomparison of the smoothness of the two sides of the filter material (that is,the pore size of the two sides of the filter material is different). Capabilityto reduce the difficulty of cleaning the filter material, while reducing theresistance of the dust collector.Product technicaladvantages-high temperature vacuum sintering molding technologyThe stainless steel metal filter elementadopts vacuum hot pressing forming technology, and the fibers are firmlybonded, which reduces the occurrence of fiber shedding and bag breakage, andextends the service life of the filter bag.Product processing refers to relevanttechnical parameters. Product processing is controlled according to thefollowing documents, materials, procedures and specifications for variousprocesses and production quality1. "Steel pipe flange (PN series)"HG / T 20592-20092. "Steel butt-welded seamless pipefittings" GB / T 12459-20053. 《Tungsten TIG Welding Technology OperationRules》QB 201.1-20084. "Sintered felt filter testoutline" XL / JS-SY-ZSL-0015. 《Stainless steel fiber sintered filter felt》GB / T 20100-20166. "Technical Requirements for Bag DustCollector" GB / T 6719-20097. "Technical requirements for environmentalprotection products, filter materials for bag filters" HJ / T 324-2006Customer use cases are as follows:Pic1:FiltrationmechanismPic 2: installationscenePic 3:  Field device interior

what's the Sintering mesh filtration performance and Under pressure?

The strength of the sintered mesh filter should also meet the standard. The strength is related to the pressure bearing capacity of the sintered mesh filter. The pressure in the hydraulic system is not constant. According to the working strength and time, the switching of the power on and off, the pressure - straight change, good sintering The mesh filter not only has to withstand the high pressure, but also has the fatigue resistance that keeps its structural strength difficult to wear under the constant pressure.The filtration performance of the sintered mesh filter element includes: the retained small particles, the retention efficiency, the flow resistance of the cleaning medium, the dirt holding capacity, and the tendency to block. When the filter material can trap the smallest particles, it is a concern of users and manufacturers. In general, the size of small particles that can be retained by various types of filter materials.

How long is the average life of the sintered mesh?

Usually, the sintered mesh can be used for one year. In fact, the service life of the sintered mesh has a related relationship with the material and working environment of the sintered mesh. It is well known that the most widely used materials for sintered mesh are sus304 and sus316L. Sus304 contains carbon higher than sus316L, and the severity of the fault and sus316L contain key elements, so corrosion resistance 316L is better than 304. The material of the sintered mesh is closely related to the working temperature. Usually sus304 and 316L have the same working temperature, and the sintered mesh has a long-term temperature of -200-550 degrees Celsius. If this sinters the mesh, the temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius. It is conceivable that if the sintered mesh is above its adapted temperature, it is naturally vulnerable.

What's the sintered wire mesh filter cartridge characteristic

1. A large amount of suction on the dirt2. Strong material assurance3. Due to the high strength, high pressure drop4. Accurate filtration accuracy5. It is easy to clean by ultrasonic vibration and other cleaning methods, so the service life is long. 6. Due to the use of wave-shaped, the filter area is increased.7. Available for filtration accuracy (u.m) 3/5/7/10/15/20/25/30/40/608. Dimensions according to customer needsScope of application: Mainly used for filtration of high molecular polymers and pharmaceuticals, hydraulic oil, water treatment, high temperature gas and other media.

What's Double Structure Water Filter Basket ?

Double Structure Water Filter BasketThe Sintered Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Basket Filter Element is a small device to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, the normal working of the device can be protected, the impurities are blocked when the fluid into the set a certain specification filter cartridge, clean filtrate from the filter outlet discharge, when the need to be cleaned, the removable cartridge remove processed reload can be, therefore, it is extremely easy to use and maintenance. Sintered Stainless Steel Basket Filter detail: Material 304/316/316L Micron Rate 1-300µm Pressure Range 1.5-2,5MPa Max Temperature 480℃ Certification ISO9001 Feature Higher mechanical strength, Better backwash efficiency, Lower pressure drop  loss,self-cleaning Application Water treatment, Beverage, Food, Metallurgy, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.Sintered Stainless Steel Self-cleaning Water Filter Basket Image

What's the Multi-layer sintered mesh characteristics

Multi-layer sintered mesh characteristics       1. High strength and good rigidity: It has extremely high mechanical strength and compressive strength, and has good processing, welding and assembly performance and is easy to use.       2. Uniform precision and stability: Uniform filtration performance can be achieved for all filtration precisions, and the mesh does not change during use.       3, the use of a wide range of environments: can be used in the temperature range of -200 degrees to 600 degrees and filtration of acid and alkali environment.       4, excellent cleaning: countercurrent cleaning effect is good, can be used repeatedly, long life (can be washed by countercurrent water, filtrate, ultrasonic filtration, melting, baking, etc.).

What's the Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Cartridge Introduction

The stainless steel sintered felt filter element is made of ultra-fine metal fiber (diameter accurate to micron), non-woven, and laminated at high temperature. The stainless steel sintered felt forms a hole gradient from different pore layers, which can be controlled to obtain extremely high filtration precision and a larger amount of dirt. It has the characteristics of three-dimensional network, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area and uniform pore size distribution, which can continuously maintain the filtering effect of the filter cloth. Due to the above structure and characteristics, the stainless steel sintered felt can effectively compensate for the weakness of the metal mesh, which is easy to block and vulnerable, and can make up for the brittleness of the powder filtration product and the small flow rate. It has the temperature resistance and resistance of ordinary filter paper and filter cloth. The characteristics of pressure, so stainless steel metal sintered felt is an ideal high temperature, corrosion resistant, high precision filter material.

What's the reverse Dutch woven stainless steel wire mesh?

The reverse Dutch woven stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of wire mesh deep-processed product woven by using various grades of stainless steel wire SUS302 304 304L 316 316L.   Reverse Dutch woven stainless steel wire mesh weave: plain weave, diagonal weave, (plain/twill) mat-type dense weave.   Reverse Dutch woven stainless steel mesh mesh: 1 mesh - 2800 mesh.   Reverse Dutch woven stainless steel wire mesh weaving methods are: plain, twill, dense weave. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel, the processed stainless steel wire mesh has high wear resistance, long service life, precise mesh, uniform structure, no curling, easy to use, uniform screen thickness, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance. Corrosion, the product has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc. Therefore, in recent years, stainless steel mesh has been widely used in coal mine, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing and other industries as a mine screen.   Reverse Dutch woven stainless steel wire mesh Use: Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for acid and sieving and filtration under ambient conditions. It is mainly used as a mud mesh for the petroleum industry, a sieve filter for the chemical fiber industry, and a pickling net for the electroplating industry. Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing and other industries.Reverse Dutch woven stainless steel mesh, increasing the number of fine warp threads until they can be interspersed with each other. This results in more holes in the filter surface, while also being smaller, resulting in a significant increase in flow rate.On the contrary, it also brings good characteristics in the backwashing and cleaning as well as the centrifugal filter cake removal process.

What's the stainless steel sintered wire mesh characteristic

1. A large amount of suction on the dirt 2. Strong material assurance3. Due to the high strength, high pressure drop4 accurate filtering accuracy5. It is easy to clean with ultrasonic vibration and other cleaning methods, so it has a long service life.6. Increased filtration area due to wave plate shape7. Available for filtration accuracy (u.m) 3/5/7/10/15/20/25/30/40/608. Dimensions according to customer needsScope of application: Mainly used for filtration of high molecular polymers and pharmaceuticals, hydraulic oil, water treatment, high temperature gas and other media.

Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt In Polypropylene Plant Application

The filter is the main equipment for the low-pressure degassing of the polymer in the polypropylene production process. The polymer from the upper channel I device D301 containing a small amount of propylene monomer enters the bag filter F301, in which the polymer and the monomer are further separated, and the polymer enters the steamer D501 from F301 under the control of the material level. The propylene gas is discharged from the top of the bag filter and then into the low pressure propylene scrubber T302. In the past, the domestic filter bag materials used in the equipment mostly used anti-static polypropylene filter cloth. Later, with the localization of the new filter material stainless fiber sintered felt, the material gradually replaced the polypropylene filter cloth in the F301 bag filter, showing the replacement cycle. Long, good filtering effect, easy to replace and so on.

What's Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter for Winemaking ?

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter for WinemakingStainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter for Winemaking Product Introduction:GREAT FILTRATION- Made of stainless steel, Measures 11.75 Inches in Length; 2.75 Inches in Diameter. Facility to filter. For use in cornelius kegd to dry in 5 gallon kegsMORE CONVENIENCE- Easy removal, great for holding hops in your cornelius kegs. A lot easier to clean and sanitize compared to beer cloth bagsMORE PRACTICAL- Allows hop oils to flow into your beer but keeps the hop material inside. It is acid-proof, rust-proof and healthy to useSAVE SPACE- It will hold up to 2 ounces of leaf, even more pellet, also can be used in your boil potWIDELY USAGE- A very good self brewing supplies item, easy to clean and durable, can be used for a long time Color: SilverSize is 71 × 180mm , 71×300mm and Customize.Material: Stainless SteelFeatures:300 micron stainless steel wire mesh.Acid resistant, low temperature resistant, high temperature resistant, alkali resistantUsed for coffee machine, filter pot, filter, water purifierNote:Monitors color are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object, please take the real one as standard.   

Sintered Fiber Felt Application and Features

Sintered Fiber Felt Application :1. Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in chemical fiber and film industry2. Filtration of various high temperature and corrosive liquids in the fields of petroleum, chemical and power plantsThird, mechanical equipment, various types of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil precision filtration4. Clarification of liquids in pharmaceutical, biological, beverage and other industries5. Hot gas filtration and heat dissipation of airbags such as automobilesFeatures of sintered felt filter:Stainless steel sintered felt filter, mostly used for polymer filtration. Such as: chemical fiber textile industry melt filter, as well as fine chemical filtration, industrial methanol filtration. It is especially suitable for high viscosity, high temperature and high pressure filtration occasions. The remarkable performance is uniform pore size distribution, which is a three-dimensional structure with a porosity of more than 85%, which is twice as much as a metal sintered powder filter.It has good permeability, low flow resistance and strong dirt holding capacity, and can capture the excellent characteristics such as minimum particle high value.

What's Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube?

Stainless Steel Perforated Steel TubeStainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube Product Introduction:piral welded perforated tube is also be called perforated tube, Spiral welded tube, Spiral tube, Skeleton of filter element. Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube specification:Material304 or 316 stainless steelOD50mm-300mmLengthLess than 2mThickness1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm etc.Standard hole size3mmStandard hole interval5mmToleranceLess than 0.1mmspecial material and requirements can be customized as well Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube feature:1.Large support, high roundness, high straightness, higher strength than straight seam welded tube.2.Small raw materials manufacture large welded tube.Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube application:Petroleum, Petroleum extraction, chemical industry, Sewage treatment, power plant filtration, purification water treatment equipment. 

Stainless steel powder characteristics

Product Features: 1. The shape is stable, and the anti-shock and alternating load capacity is superior to other metal-considered materials;2, gas permeability, stable separation effect;3, excellent loading and unloading strength, suitable for use in high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive environment;4, especially suitable for high temperature gas filtration;5, can be customized according to user requirements of a variety of shapes and precision products, but also through welding to use a variety of interfaces.